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Our self-care lab aims to detail the underlying notion of privacy and sharing and bulk consumption through the lens of the clientele and worker. Through our service and the form of our lab, the lab creates an almost enclosed space. Connection systems and moving panels create transitory spaces available for individuals or groups to conduct their self care process(es). Because the walls, floors, panels, and ceilings are not entirely flushed against another, the space is a constant reminder of the inclusion of private spheres in the public setting. Additionally, the ground level incorporates digital overlay and physical applications to delineate the clients' private experience in the shared spaces. The upper level indicates a more behind-the-scenes aspect involving warehouses and bulk supplies through the workers' lens. The employment of bulk in regards to inventory and modularization of architectural elements amplify the notion of quantity in the almost enclosed space. Bulk inventory also exploits the idea of surplus and expiration when stocked products are no longer able to be used and are discarded; this stark contrast between utilization and inventory surplus is demonstrated on our display shelves. Subsequently, the lab's typology describes intersecting relations between supply and demand, and private and shared.

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